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DKM LIMITED DROP: Prada Bucket Hat

The item we will discuss today is an archive Prada bucket hat DKM has collected. The bucket hat’s history is one that is also extensive and should not be ignored. Formally known as the fisherman’s hat or country hat, it can be traced back to 1900 where the variations of the modern bucket hat were made from felt and wool, and were used as a form of protection from the rain. Over time the classic country hat was contemporized, starting in the ’60s when it was greatly popularized by the fashion industry, mainly for its designs for women. However, by the ’80s, the bucket hat had been adopted by the hip-hop community and other subcultures through Kangol, and other brands. Notably, bucket hats have also been used in the military, and it is also these military designs that have influenced and perpetuated the evolution of the bucket hat.

Model is Wearing: Prada Bucket Hat

“Nowadays, the Prada bucket hat has made a significant return on the streets but especially on the catwalk”.

Prada is, of course, the iconic Italian luxury house that has been operating for about a century. The history, which is extensive, dates back to the founders Mario Prada. Over the years the responsibility of the brand has been passed along the generations of Prada women. Miuccia Prada who is still the director of the company began revolutionizing the brand and fashion itself. The appeal of luxury embedded in sportswear, comfort, intellect, and a sort of futurism. DKM online store has for offer an archive Prada bucket hat for its first drop.

The yellow is supple, the shape is ideal, the material is light and concluding design is that of a contemporary designer bucket hat. Supported by a great choice of color, material, and shape. The Prada bucket hat is yet another staple in Prada’s fashion repertoire, as the bucket hat has been made several times by the Linea Rossa line, as well as other Prada lines and collections, it has remained a desirable, and recognizable piece of theirs. Nowadays, the Prada bucket hat has made a significant return on the streets but especially on the catwalk. Prada has reintroduced the Linea Rossa line, and under that created several sleek bucket hats some in extraordinary bright colors. Moreover, Prada has also made efforts in redesigning their bucket hat silhouette and eventual design over the years. The results, in my opinion, continue to be fantastic; Prada has always done it right, and will hopefully continue to do so. The yellow bucket hat for offer is an archive Prada piece and is worthy of collecting, and simply admiring, it is beautiful!

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