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SHOWROOM ARCHIVE: Helmut Lang 16 Pocket Pants

Cargo pants are in fact an article of clothing that can be studied and examined in Helmut Lang’s oeuvre. The cargo pants that will be discussed today are the boss-level Helmut Lang, 16 pocket pants that reside in the DKM Showroom collection.

Helmut Lang is the Austrian fashion Designer who opened his first studio in his early 20’s in 1977. Eventually, in 1986 he founded the Helmut Lang brand, where his menswear and womenswear compelled the fashion world with his minimalism, but avant-garde and contemporary approach. Lang found comfort in using classic silhouettes, such as uniforms, and military clothing, he reinterpreted these garments and silhouettes into his design language, and the world of Helmut Lang minimalism, a minimalism that is not limiting, but curious, detailed, and consistent. Essentially, this what defines Helmut Lang, at least throughout the time he spent there, his work was very curious, detailed, and consistent, Helmut Lang re-created several of his own designs in different materials, colors, etc. this solidified his vision, confidence as a designer, and of course consistency!

A dead stock pair, it is known that these pants are a rarity. Helmut Lang’s love for utility and utility-wear is very much expressed in the creation of several cargo pants circa the years 99. Lang produced several different pairs of cargos with different pocket designs, different colors, and different materials. There are several, some even containing bondage detailing, however, this pair remains distinct, and unique due to its design. A total of 16 pockets paneled across both the front and the back, the pants are white soft organic cotton in pristine, untouched condition.

The pants have been added to the DKM Showroom. Make sure to check them out; they are an opportunity to buy a true Helmut Lang rarity a special collector’s item that can be worn casually whilst still making a statement.
Price on request.
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