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We are more than a market, we are DKM

Starting from today you are the witness of the release of our next chapter.
We are expanding our concept by sharing our passion for garments in ways that will go beyond just a market. This includes a new house style, but also the expansion of the brand De KLOFFIE Markt by introducing both online and offline experiences.

But let’s first go back to the start of DKM:

De KLOFFIE Markt has always been about selling beautiful clothes in an engaging, passionate manner. All coated with layers of knowledge and stories about the garments, designers, and brands we collect and admire.

The history of De KLOFFIE Markt goes back to more than a decade ago when co-founder Freya Roski started collecting womenswear garments at the very young age of 15. eBay was like her second home back then. Friends even nicknamed her FreBay and call her that till this day.

Getting as close to the creation of a designer as possible is one of the reasons Freya started collecting. To experience, learn, understand a garment and about the vision of the designer was, and still is, one of her fascinations. She has been collecting treasures from runways, upcoming young designers, and even historical garments such as traditional dresses. It was very rare for a teenager growing up in Germany back then to collect these kinds of pieces. However, she was able to collect them piece-by-piece. Her favorite collecting stories are the purchase from a Vogue UK editor, who sold her Alexander Wang boots to Freya. Or the story where Freya got her hands on the private archive pieces of some Net-A-Porter employees.

Debbie Yard, the other half of the founder-duo is the creative brain behind DKM and has been collecting menswear garments for several years. Debbie has been fascinated by artisanal pieces such as Rick Owens, Boris Bidjan Saberi and Margiela. This all started with becoming member of a forum where like-minded people could share their passion for avant-garde fashion.

As said the passion for garments goes beyond just collecting some nice pieces. Our personal archive also exists out of rare military garments. Garments that are either dead stock or worn garments from the Italian army, US army, Bulgarian army and French workwear garments. These garments are not only functional pieces but give us the authenticity, quality and craftsmanship we search in garments. They are timeless, non-gendered and for us a blank canvas to work with.

We are always on the lookout (24/7) for exciting pieces that we want to collect. For our personal archive, markets, showroom and online store.
Collecting also means letting go of items. Which means that we have a continuous coming and going of items.

We, the founders of De KLOFFIE Markt, met in college while studying fashion and together we found our mission. We wanted to work in fashion, however in a meaningful way. Doing something that would make a lasting imprint on the world. After having lived in Berlin and New York we wanted to create a place where garments get the value they deserve. We wanted to make a statement that valuable clothes deserve a valuable price in the times of fast fashion. “Kleding met waarde naar waarde verkopen” / “Sell valuable clothing for the right value” was the mission from day one.

After hosting the monthly DKM events since 2016, now is the right time to further share our knowledge, creativity, passion and vision. We are pleased to announce a new and improved online channel of De KLOFFIE Markt and next to this a next level of offline events. This expansion will be a fusion between online and offline experiences. It will give us the ability to highlight the past, present and future of (slow) fashion.

In our online store we are offering occasional drops that will give you a curated online experience.
What you can expect is limited, exclusive drops of second-hand garments for menswear and womenswear from time to time. Whenever we think the time is ready. You will be informed.

Another new feature on our online channel is that you will be able to read articles about garments to gain knowledge, get intrigued and even interact.

We are taking garments to a whole new level!
And we would like you to be part of it.

We are more than a market, we are DKM.

PS: Stay tuned for an article with more details about the market transformation soon!

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  1. Fantastisch! Ja, gewoon upgraden die hap. Mooie pre loved dingetjes laten zien en vooral laten zien da het niet nodig is om van alles en nog wat te produceren. we hebben al een ocean vol! Een visvijver from here to eternity. Supermooi die Kloffiemarkt in de hallen. Was daar al een keer gewoon op de bonnefooi en zag dat alle alternatieve ideeen supermooi en netjes waren uitgevoerd. Dat is de manier om het aan de man te brengen, laagdrempelig voor wie niet veel gewend is.

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