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SHOWROOM ARCHIVE: The Gentle(wo)man

Model is Wearing: Oversized men’s blazer

The suit is a timeless composition of garments. Originally endorsed by Men, it quickly became a vessel for their self-expression and gave rise to the phenomenon of Dandyism (19th Century style period) where men flaunted their personalities through elegant fitted suits. Over time, certain elements of the suit transcended into the female attire and aesthetic, such as the celebrated Chanel suit (Tweed wool blazer, and A-line skirt). Nowadays, the suit has become a vessel of empowerment and self-expression for both genders. With brands like Jil Sander and (Old) Celine that have created an empowering womanly aesthetic often inspired by suits, we are now at a point where the options for suits and their different articles are endless. Moreover, with both genders more open-minded and fluid in their style, it has become normal for women to wear menswear, and men to wear womenswear. 

DKM has curated a collection of suits; the selection consists of both menswear and womenswear. The tailoring needed for the production of clothing is quite different for the two genders, the shapes and cuts needed, will certainly differ. However, this is certainly where the opportunity for novelty and self-expression can begin. The opportunity to try different silhouettes that can complement your body regardless of the gender it was created for! The attitude that comes with clothes, silhouettes, and outfits have been interchanged and applied to the different genders. The effect of women in menswear and men in womenswear is truly a fantastic, and appealing contrast that can be truly relatable, and express a form of harmony. 

Model is Wearing: Vintage men’s suit

 DKM’s editorial has taken this route, styling the female model in mostly men’s pants and blazers, and the male model in women’s pants. The results are fantastic; the silhouettes complement the bodies perfectly and harmonize regardless of the contrast of gender and style. Moreover, the models are styled in different materials, and styles, shapes, and both womenswear and menswear simultaneously, the opportunities for new silhouettes and aesthetics are endless!  

 Interestingly, the suit and formal aesthetic have come back into style, commemorating certain silhouettes and aesthetics from the past, our modern Gentle(wo)man is someone who endears the moment to dress formally, express themselves, and feel empowered, regardless of their gender, and the gender of the clothes they wear. It is certain that the right silhouette, and color of a suit, can evoke a level of style, intellect, and courage I believe no other composition of clothing can. Dressing formally has certainly been trending, although it never left, I believe people have welcomed the idea of wearing formal clothes and complementing it with their personal style. Whether the combination is, suit pants and sneakers, or blazers and jeans, I believe there is something for everyone, as is the opportunity to look and feel great! 

Take the opportunity to check out DKM’s brand new curated suit collection for the Gentle(wo)man, the formal self-expressive contemporary dandy inside all of us! The collection consists of a range of trousers and blazers spanning across the genders and time periods. The offer available represents quality, timelessness, power, and style. The collection is available in the DKM showroom in Amsterdam. Make an appointment for showroom visit here

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