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MARKET: How To Clean Your Closet

With this article we would like to give you tips how to clean out your closet and in what most efficient way you can give your clothes a new life.

Declutter your wardrobe with care. Take your time to choose the items you want to sell. Best is to do this on a day when you have enough time to dive in. Put on some music and make yourself comfortable.

Empty your closet and check every item carefully. Are there items that need to get repaired or you don’t fit anymore? Make various sections: 1. KEEP, 2. SELL 3. REPAIR. It is also always good to look a few days later again at the sections you created, check if you still feel the same about your decisions.
PS: Don’t forget your shoes, accessories and jewelry.

If you are unsure if you want to get rid of an item, wear it one more time. Try different combinations and styles. You will know afterwards if this item still fits your style and if you are able to combine it with your current pieces. 

“Re-use some parts of the garments, such as buttons or parts of the fabric for DIY projects.”

Now you can start selling your items you want to give a new life. Some items are not worthy of selling; give them to friends, family or charity. Re-use some parts of the garments, such as buttons or parts of the fabric for DIY projects.

Save your valuable items to sell them at one of our markets. Book your stall and create your own little boutique for a day during our events. Do you own vintage pieces, mid-priced brands and/or high-end designer garments? Come join and experience one of the finest clothing markets of Amsterdam. 

Cleaning out your closet is an ongoing process. You might not want to sell your Prada shoes that you just bought a few seasons ago. However you also haven’t been wearing them once. Therefore it might be the time to reconsider and ask yourself if you really want to keep them. Sometimes you just need a little more time to let go of items. No worries, you are not the only one ;).
Keep an eye on our market dates; once you’re ready, you can always book your spot! 

We go by the rule: when you buy something new – give another item from your closet a new life; one comes – one goes. By following this you keep your closet more sustainable and your closet doesn’t pile up on more and more items.

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