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“My style is colourful. It’s a mix of everything.” 

Deandra, 2 November 2019, Amsterdam

Can you describe your style?

D: My style is colourful. It’s a mix of everything. 

Why are you at De Kloffie Markt?

D:  My colleague showed me the event so I decided to come. I am actually with her at this edition. 

Do you support slow fashion labels and second-hand?

D: Yes I do. I only buy second-hand. For a year now, I did not buy anything at retail stores.

Did something catch your eye here at De KLOFFIE Markt? 

D: Yes, a Chanel bag from one of the stalls here at De Kloffie Markt. But its unfortunately too expensive for me. The most expensive thing in my closet are my Nike sneakers, they are 100 EUR. I don’t really spend much on clothes.

Where do you mostly shop?

D: I buy only at thrift stores. It’s a little different from vintage shops, because at thrift stores literally everyone can come to give away their clothes or shoes or accessories.

All images by Chris Dijksterhuis

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Times: 12.00h – 17.00h

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