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“I think fast fashion is over and we all should realize that.”

Paulina, 2 November 2019, Amsterdam

Can you describe your style?

P: It’s quite simple. I wear basics, a little bit high-end and a lot of vintage. but no specific brands at all. I don’t really care about brands.

What is your relation with fashion?

P: Well, I work in fashion, so that the first relation. The second relation is that I like to dress up in my own way and have my own style in order to express myself a little bit.

Why are you at De Kloffie Markt?

P: Because I like the vibe and I like to get a nice selection of vintage stuff and not just random stuff from brands like H&M and Zara. I know that what I can get here is curated and selected with love and passion.

All images by Chis Dijksterhuis

Why do you buy second-hand or slow fashion labels? Do you think it is an important topic nowadays?

P: Definitely. I think fast fashion is over and we all should realize that. There are so many clothes and garments already all over the world. We should focus on slow fashion and try to rediscover what we already produced and what we have in our wardrobe.

What is your ultimate grail piece in your wardrobe?

P: My Margiela Tabi’s actually. I bought them on sale in a little boutique in Italy. It was like a special moment for me, because I did not expect to buy them there. It was the last size and they were just waiting for me, so I was really lucky.

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