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The market editions of De KLOFFIE Markt offer a gathering of different vintage resellers from all disciplines and backgrounds:
vintage designer clothing, vintage streetwear, unique vintage pieces and archival fashion for men and women.

Join the finest vintage thrifting experience for everyone!

Our markets offer a curated range of pre-owned and vintage clothing of mid-priced brands and high-end designers for men and women.
Our markets are held in the city center of Amsterdam, in Amsterdam’s popular hub De Hallen Amsterdam.
Among other facilities the popular Foodhallen is also situated at this location. De Hallen Amsterdam attracts over 20.000 people each weekend.

Our markets welcome a diverse mix of locals and tourists from allover the world. A community which is not limited or restricted by age groups,
it is appreciated and experienced by fashion lovers of all ages and especially attended by fashion professionals such as stylists, photographers and designers.

Vintage resellers from allover the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and United Kingdom have participated in our markets so far.

Our events are free of entry!