Amsterdam’s curated vintage market
De KLOFFIE Markt was founded in 2016. It started with hosting monthly clothing markets at De Hallen Amsterdam where sellers got the chance to offer their pre-owned garments of mid-priced brands and high-end designers, vintage treasures, and collector’s items. Until this day De KLOFFIE Markt is known for its fine curation of vintage and designer garments.

De KLOFFIE Markt was founded as a slow fashion initiative with the aim to reduce the levels of waste generated by clothing production and to enhance the lifecycle of valuable garments.

Over the years De KLOFFIE Markt grew from a vintage market into a multifunctional concept by organizing slow fashion festivals, pop-ups, several collaborations with sustainable initiatives, opened a temporary online store and showroom.

 “We are a firm supporter of slow fashion.
We believe in buying quality over quantity.”