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Welcome to our page

Here a short story of why we are doing what we are doing. Enjoy!

We are fascinated by garments; therefore, we collect. And this resulted in the birth of De KLOFFIE Markt.

We, the founders of De KLOFFIE Markt, met in college while studying fashion and together we found our mission. We wanted to work in the fashion industry, however in a meaningful way. Doing something that would make a lasting imprint on the world. After having lived in Berlin and New York we wanted to create a place where garments get the value they deserve. We wanted to make a statement that valuable clothes deserve a valuable price in the times of fast fashion. “Kleding met waarde naar waarde verkopen” / “Sell valuable clothing for the right value” was the mission from day one.

In 2016 we felt the urge of sharing our passion and knowledge in (slow) fashion with Amsterdam. It began with hosting monthly clothing market events in De Hallen in Amsterdam. Where we offered our personal archive, but also gave private sellers the opportunity to rent a stall. So they could give their clothes of mid-priced brands and high-end designers a second life and become part of our movement.

De KLOFFIE Markt has always been about selling beautiful clothes in an engaging, passionate manner. All coated with layers of knowledge and stories about the garments, designers, and brands we collect and admire.

De KLOFFIE Markt is a firm supporter of values such as quality over quantity, ethical production, and longevity in garments, all of which make and represent (slow) fashion for us. Our aim is to reduce the levels of waste generated by clothing production and to enhance the lifecycle of valuable garments.

De KLOFFIE Markt offers online presence and offline experiences.