In 2016 the founders of De KLOFFIE Markt also known as DKM felt the urge of sharing their passion and knowledge in garments with the Netherlands.

Most important the founders of De KLOFFIE Markt started their concept with one clear aim, to reduce the levels of waste generated by clothing production and to enhance the lifecycle of valuable garments.

And so, it began with hosting monthly clothing markets held in De Hallen in Amsterdam. With these markets De KLOFFIE Markt organised the first curated vintage clothing markets and festivals in the Netherlands. With participants and visitors from all over the world, DKM has created a sustainable movement in Amsterdam.

In 2020 DKM launched it’s online store and showroom. The ever-changing collection consists of curated vintage and pre-owned designer garments for men & women; with a timeless and seasonless point of view. In order to curate the finest collection DKM travels around the world and handpicks every single piece.

DKM has always been about selling beautiful clothes in an engaging, passionate manner. All coated with layers of knowledge and stories about the garments, designers, and brands DKM collects and admires.

DKM is a firm supporter of values such as quality over quantity, ethical production, and longevity in garments, all of which make and represent (slow) fashion.

“We needed the time to reflect, process and take actions.
Having said that, DKM will no longer offer brands/designers that openly received allegations of racial discrimination.
De KLOFFIE Markt got founded by us, two women with different backgrounds. With our business we create a place for inclusivity and diversity.
We stand for equal rights for everyone. We continue to stay active in the fight against racism.
Let’s unite for a better future.”

Quoted by the founders of DKM, June 2020