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The founders of De KLOFFIE Markt have been collecting designer garments for over many years. In 2016 the founders felt the urge of sharing their knowledge and interest in slow fashion with others.

In the current fashion industry, fast fashion retailers created a “throw-away” culture where products have lost their value and consumers are encouraged to replace garments quickly. As a result, sustainability gains more urge with innovative movements and new initiatives.

Therefore, the founders created De KLOFFIE Markt and organized a monthly collaborative market in one of the most beautiful locations in Amsterdam, De Hallen. It all started with giving private sellers the opportunity to sell their pre-owned clothes of mid-priced brands and high-end designer garments such as Helmut Lang, Acne Studios, Jil Sander and more. The community is home to many fashion lovers and fashion professionals.

Since 2018 De KLOFFIE Markt opened its online store. The online store is a curated store with pieces collected by the founders of De KLOFFIE Markt, a handpicked selection of menswear and womenswear for the modern wardrobe.

De KLOFFIE Markt is a firm supporter of values such as quality over quantity, ethical production, and longevity in garments, all of which make and represent slow fashion. The aim is to reduce the levels of waste generated by clothing production and to enhance the lifecycle of valuable garments.