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Join Amsterdam’s curated vintage market

Our markets offer the finest curation of vintage resellers of the Netherlands and abroad. Find a curated range of rare designer treasures, pre-owned and vintage clothing. Our offer ranges from mid-priced brands to high-end designers vintage streetwear, workwear and much more. Menswear and womenswear is offered during our events. Prices start at 10 EUR.

Fast fashion labels are not welcome at our markets. Fast fashion garments don’t meet our sustainability standards. Due to their negative environmental low-quality and exploitive labor practices.

Our markets are held in the city center of Amsterdam, in Amsterdam’s popular hub De Hallen Amsterdam. Among other facilities the popular Foodhallen is also situated at this location.

Our markets welcome a diverse mix of locals and tourists from allover the world. A community which is not limited or restricted by age groups, it is appreciated and experienced by vintage lovers of all ages and backgrounds. Get inspired by the most outspoken outfits and the unique offer of curated vintage clothing. 

Our events are free of entry!  More questions? Check our FAQ page. 

Upcoming Markets

SEE YOU IN 2024!

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We curate

We curate our resellers with lots of care. Each reseller has its own unique offer of vintage and pre-owned clothes. Resellers from allover the Netherlands and abroad participate at our markets. Private sellers and professional sellers such as collectors, stylists and (online) vintage stores are welcome at our markets. Every edition we curate the finest resellers to select a broad offer of resellers and try to give as many (new) resellers a stall as possible.

Why participate at De KLOFFIE Markt?

Our markets are a unique opportunity to broaden your customer base and to expand your network. Next to generating sales, our events are the place to be for creating marketing around your concept.

Want to be part of our events as a seller?

Please fill in the application details below. Incomplete application forms can’t get processed. Due to many applications, it sometimes can take a while until we get back to your application. We try to get back to you within 14 days after the date of your application. Please note when your application has been accepted, you will receive an invoice from us via email, which must be paid within two days. After we have received your payment, we will provide you with a confirmation email.

We offer 4 options to participate at our events.
Option 1: clothing rack (180 x 180 cm)
Option 2: table (100 x 180 cm)
Option 3: clothing rack and table (180 x 180 cm and 50 x 180 cm)
Option 4: 10m2 shop experience (no table and/or clothing rack, create your own shop and bring your own installation)

Want to sell your clothes together with a friend? Feel free to share one stall together. Please note: it is only permitted to share a stall with one other person.

If you have any questions concerning your application, please read our market terms and conditions. For more questions please contact us.

Registration form

If you have a registered chamber of commerce (KVK) business, please mention your business name here

It helps us to choose you when we get a good overview about your offer.

It is only possible to choose max. 2 dates per year to participate. This way we are able to give new sellers a chance to participate. If you want to participate on more than one date, please register to a new form.

Be as specific as possible by mentioning brands. Be aware that we check your offer on the day of the market. If your offer is not matching with your registration form you are not able to participate. Read more about this in our terms & condition.

Up to five photos only. Applications with more or less than five images cannot be reviewed.

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