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What’s the difference between the Vintage Market and the Stock Sale events?
The Vintage Market is an event where various vintage sellers take part in. During the vintage market vintage sellers from allover the Netherlands and abroad sell their collections. The selection of vintage sellers ranges from private sellers to vintage shops, vintage collectors and much more.

The Stock Sales are events where only the vintage collection of De KLOFFIE Markt gets sold. We carry our own vintage archive that we have collected over the years from allover the world.

From time to time we clean out our entire stock. Discover our stock sales with hundreds of high-end vintage designer garments carefully curated by us for reduced prices.

Do I need to buy a ticket to visit your events?
Our events are free of entry.

What’s the location of the pop-ups and market events?
De Hallen Amsterdam
Hannie Dankbaarpassage 47
1053 RT Amsterdam

Are the events pet-friendly?
De KLOFFIE Markt welcomes dogs and service animals.

What’s the best way to get to the events?
We strongly encourage everyone to take public transportation or come by bike.
We recommend using Google Maps for up-to-date transit information from your location.

Are the events cash-only?
Sellers accept cash and some accept contactless payment. There is an ATM just outside of our location.

Is there parking?
De Hallen offers a parking garage for cars and bikes. It is situated underneath De Hallen at Bellamyplein number 41.
Parking costs for cars are €0,17 per 2 minutes, daily rate is €51 (24 hours).

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