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A commitment to sustainability such as recycling and reusing 
De KLOFFIE Markt is a sustainable initiative and encourages consumers to enhance the lifecycle of lasting garments,
to buy quality over quantity and to cherish garments of higher value.

Instead of sending clothing garments to a landfill, we help our market sellers, visitors and shoppers
to contribute the reusing and recycling process by giving pre-owned items a new life.
De KLOFFIE Markt wants to share the story behind a piece of clothing and highlight it for the consumer
by hosting vintage pop-ups and vintage markets.
In the current fashion industry, fast fashion retailers created a “throw-away” culture where products have lost their value and
consumers are encouraged to replace garments quickly. As a result, sustainability gains more urge with movements
such as recycling and other environmentally friendly initiatives.

During our vintage markets we offer the market sellers a recycle container where they can leave their unsold products.
These products are getting used for upcycling projects and good causes. 

Our work ethic
Within all our work processes we keep sustainability a priority.
Our commitment to sustainability gives us the drive to constantly improve our processes.
Sustainable choices we have made so far:

  • We reuse our packaging such as shipping carton boxes, wrapping paper and other materials
  • We repair and reuse existing garments, textiles and sewing attributes such as buttons
  • Our hangtags and other presentation materials are made from recycled materials
  • We purchase our presentation and office attributes as much as possible second-hand and/or made from recycled materials
  • We only curate vintage garments that fit our high standards of longevity and quality

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