Upcycle, recycle, repair is our motto. DKM is a firm supporter of values such as quality over quantity, ethical production, and longevity in garments, all of which make and represent slow fashion. DKM supports the care, value and life people give their clothing items. DKM restores, remakes, recycles and re-purposes existing garments to give valuable items a new life. Garments with faults and damages get restored at the DKM atelier.


Original vintage workwear garments collected and re-made by DKM

The beauty of the DKM items is that each single one of them tells a story, due to its characteristic imperfections and rarity. Besides its vintage and designer garments, DKM works with deadstock garments such as original army, navy and utility wear that are re-made and re-purposed by DKM.

DKM uses deadstock fabrics to create new of the old. By using deadstock fabrics, DKM does not foster the production of new materials and contributes to the circular economy.

The contribution to the circular economy started in 2015 when the founders of DKM created The Traveling Suit, a women’s suit made from deadstock cotton.

In 2019 DKM has launched its re-made and re-purposed army and utility series in New York, consisting of rare garments for men and women.